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Quotes from Music Critics

"It is not his fabulous technique that sets Pennario apart. It is his artistic soul. His Prokofiev is edgy, his Debussy is dreamy, his Rachmaninoff romantic. Pennario is one of those artists who just 'gets' the music." EMI record producer, 2004.

"Nobody plays the piano better than Pennario." -- Andrew Porter, New Statesman, London England.

"He has a spiritual maturity and a musical control that only a few pianists achieve in their lives." -- De Tijd music critic, Amsterdam.

" ... [Pennario] is an infinitely better pianist than one remembers the distinguished Russian composer [Prokofiev] ever to have been." Albert Goldberg LA Times after hearing Pennario play the Prokofiev 3rd.

Following his debut with the New York Philharmonic, the great conductor Dimitri Mitropoulos, said: "Collaboration with this young musician has been one of the happiest experiences of my life. I say musician because, although he possesses the technique necessary, he possesses what is more important, a soul."

"A performance of joyous, effortless brilliance -- an indefineable quality of excitement."-- -Chicago Tribune