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Articles and Interviews

About the newspaper clippings.
When Leonard retired and moved from his Beverly Hills house and purchased an appartment in Bel-Air, he put all of the clippings and reviews as well as much of his correspondance into a storage locker in the building's basement. While he was away there was a mild earthquake which ruptured the sprinkler system which comes on in case of fire. While the sprinkler system was fixed quickly, Leonard's papers were soaked. When Leonard finally got back to the building, and could open his locker, the papers were nothing but a solidified mess.
We have been able to glean the following information by searching libraries and the Internet, and from Trudy's own personal archives, but of course many of the more important reviews of his more important concerts have been lost.

Interview 1984 LA Times Interview Piano Quarterly 1973 Review of Rach-2 1984 Ravel, Prokofiev, Mozart, Scarlatti, Schumann Review Review of Rach-2, Gottschalk and Scriabin 1985
Pennario Photo. Link to Review of Rhapsody under the Stars Review of Gottschalk - The Union Review of Gottschalk - Battle Cry of Freedom Claudia Cassidy of Chicago Tribune on Pennario Review of Heifetz, Piatigorsky, and Pennario at Carnegie Hall Pennario Photo Link to review of BLISS concerto.
Pennario - link to review of GRIEG concerto Pennario - link to rPenticton Review
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