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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Leonard now?

Leonard died on June 27th, 2008.

The world has lost a great artist, and I have lost a lifelong friend.

Where can I get the sheet music for Midnight On The Cliffs?

I have asked Leonard about this and he tells me that as far as he knows the sheet music was never published. When he recorded the solo version , he did it from memory. If you do find a score, then let me know the source, I would like one myself.

As of 2011, we have the original handwritten copy of Midnight On The Cliffs by Leonard. It is not the full version as played on the recording however.

See here for more details.

Has [Your Favorite Piece Here] ever been released on CD?

All of the CD's that we know of are listed on the CD page, with links to the discography Check those links to see if the piece you want is listed. However all of the CD's with the exception of Pennario the Early Years by MSR Classics (, are no longer in production, so you will have to search places such as eBay and Amazon.

There is one outfit, Rediscovery Records, which has re-issued a couple of Leonard's LPs on CD as well. See, catalog number RD105.