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During the Golden Age of classical music in America (1940-1970) Pennario's recordings were enormously popular. In March 1958, the New York Times issued a special supplement which included a listing of the best-selling records since the introduction of the LP. Five of the discs were by Leonard Pennario. Of all the other great pianists of the world represented, only Walter Gieseking placed as many titles on the list! In 1957, of the ten most popular records in France, two were by Leonard Pennario.

This popularity resulted in many re-issues and repackaging of his performances. For this reason not all of the various LP's are listed here. However this set of listings represents all the various pieces that Leonard has recorded over the years.

While these recordings represent an enormous body of work, they by no means define the scope of Pennario's genius. He had over 60 concertos in his repertoire for example, including Mozart and Beethoven that he never recorded. Such a pity, because he brought to the 'standard' classical repertoire the same artistic sensibility, that he gave all his other work.

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2006-10-10   New Leonard Pennario CD!

Leonard Pennario - The Early Years 1950 - 1958 from MSR Records.

MSR have released a new 4 CD set of some of Leonard's best solo recordings. Ravel's Miroirs, The Rozsa Sonata, The Chopin and Liszt Sonatas, they are all here along with many other pieces never before available on CD, plus a release of a private recording of one of Leonard's compositions which hasn't been heard for over 60 years. The sound quality is excellent and the booklet is superb.