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Remembering Freddy

Alfred Sheinwold for many years was the foremost bridge columnist in America. When he died, Leonard wrote the following letter to the ACBL Bridge Bulletin. The content, and more importantly the tone, of this letter should give you a pretty good idea of the sort of gentleman he is and has always been.

When I met Freddy Sheinwold in 1965, he changed the course of my life. Bridge became my principal hobby and he became my mentor.

There were many get-togethers through the years at each other's homes, featuring music and bridge. I was always greatly impressed with his knowledge of music, literature and theater (especially Shakespeare). He and his lovely wife Paula and I attended many productions at the Old Globe Theatre, Freddy was truly a 'renaissance' man.

He had a fine tenor voice, and at our get-togethers he often sang lieder by Schubert and Brahms. I would accompany him and he in turn would partner me in tournaments. Each of us felt he had the better deal!

Freddy and Paula never missed one of my concerts in the Southern California area. Loyalty was another of his great traits.

The world of bridge has lost one of its most illustrious members, and I have lost a cherished friend.

Long Ago and Far Away

Leonard Pennario joined the Army in 1943 as a private. There is a Letter to the Editor from Isabel Hertz on Dec 7, 2003, describing her tour as a nurse in the army during the war. One of her memorable moments was Christmas 1945, when she heard Leonard play Christmas carols for the assembled troops on a beat up piano. She thoroughly enjoyed it, and remembered it 58 years later. Now THAT is a memorable performance!

ACBL - NABC New Orleans November, 2003

The following is taken from the ACBL Daily Bulletin for the New Orleans NABC

No piano for Pennario, but he plays bridge.

Leonard Pennario can still play bridge even if he can no longer play the piano because of Parkinson's Disease. The former world-famous concert pianist won the Wednesday-Thursday Bracketed Knockout Teams. His teammates were LuAnn Leonard, William Leonard of Rancho Mirage CA and Lee Millard of Los Angeles. Pennario used to try to arrange his concerts in areas near North American championships so that he could have a chance to play his favorite game against the best. Playing bridge was always a some-what strange experience for Pennario -- throughout play his mind was playing concerto music.