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Rebuilding a career - 1947

"Brilliantly gifted virtuoso"

"...he exhibited a brilliant technique, sensitive phrasing and a relaxed kind of pianism that were more than sufficient to cope with the difficult program he had selected."
-N.Y. SUN, Nov. 7, 1947

"An ebullient pianistic talent. The pianist has talent and imagination. He has technical facility to give away. He has the equipment of a superior artist."
-John Briggs, NEW YORK POST

Leonard Pennario Achieves Triumph with Philharmonic
"The word genius was tossed about vigorously in describing Leonard Pennario last night. The applause was deafening and cheers and bravos paid tribute to the entire rendition."
-LOS ANGELES TIMES, Jan. 31, 1947

Young Pianist Wins Ovation
"Genuine artistry! Pennario made one of the strongest appeals for renown at Philharmonic Auditorium that has yet graced that ever-sought spotlight."
Jan. 31, 1947